Elizabeth D. Nelson

Elizabeth D. Nelson

Fly Fishing Lure #2

"Grey Ghost"

5"x7" Watercolor


Fly Fishing Lure  "C"

Watercolor 6"x9"


Fly Fishing Lure #1

4"x6" Watercolor

Private Collection

The following series of  hand tied fly fishing lures are from a revered collection created over decades by  a local expert trout fisherman

Fly Fishing Lure #3


6"x9" Watercolor


Fly Fishing Lures

"Gnats - 2"

Watercolor 4"x4"


Fly Fishing Lures "Gnats"

Watercolor 3"x5"


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phone: 518-744-0955

Fly Fishing Lures

"Gnats - Golden"

Watercolor 5"x7"