"Carassius - 14KT & Coal"

Watercolor 12"x16"


contact: 518-744-0955


"Sheffield - Residents" 

(Ayrshire, Holstein, Jersey, & Guernsey Oh My!)

36"x48" Oil on Canvas 

Limited Edition Giclee, Prints, and cards available.

"Red Round Ruminant Barn"
12"x16" Watercolor
Limited Edition Prints and Cards Available.

Elizabeth D. Nelson

Elizabeth D. Nelson

"Laker - A Perfect Day"

Salvelinus namaycush

Char Dweller of the Deep

Oil on Canvas 36"x48"

Private Collection

"Lake George Narrows - Pileated Woodpecker"

Oil on Canvas 36"x48"

Private Collection

The following series are composed of quick watercolor studies  of local wildlife.