Elizabeth D. Nelson

Elizabeth D. Nelson


The Artist has used different mediums over the decades. She has achieved a unique relationship with  each medium. Her vision of how her subject will be portrayed determines whether she uses Watercolor, Oil, Pastel or clay.

ARTISTS BIOGRAPHY: Born 1963 in Saratoga, NY and raised in Glens Falls, NY. The Artist showed a very early ability in drawing.  Her current work  focus' is on capturing light sources and light effects on her subject. In Oils, pastels, and watercolors. Education: University of Vermont, Bachelor Arts in Art History.  Art Studies under: James Gallucci (1973), Chris Walton (2009-present), Marianne Ganter (2015) Robert J. O'Brien AWS  Workshop (2017 - Saratoga, NY) Work History: Architectural/ Engineering Drafting. 1991 - present Co-owns and operates the Family business GF Heating Oil & Propane LLC & First Flame Fireplaces LLC with her husband, Brian and two sons, Benjamin and Scott. Group Exhibitions: 2007 Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society @ Crandall Public Library, Glens Falls, NY. 2009 Lapham Gallery LARAC 2010 Studio Art Exhibition at 190 Glen Street Glens Falls NY Gallery. Currently Represented by:  Gallery  @ First Flame Fireplaces Queensbury, NY

Love of Art

Art is a personal journey and speaks to each one of us differently. Emotions are brought forth from visual inspection of an Artist's creation.  Emotion  can be something seen,  felt or interpreted. Most often the Artist is moved by the smallest illuminated  aspect of something she sees in her daily life. The artist not only loves to create art but is an avid collector of art also. 

Self Portrait

2017 Watercolor